Crafty Paper Flower Tutorial

Are you feeling a little crafty today? Why not try out our simple paper flower tutorial? A great idea for alternative button holes or to use as cute table decorations for your wedding day!

All you will need to follow this easy tutorial is some paper, a pencil, glue sticks , scissors, buttons, and one of the following: needle & thread, strong glue (super/ glue gun) or double sided tape.

These button holes look great when you use pattered or textured paper. So if you have any scrap pieces of pretty coloured paper they will be perfect to create these paper flowers! We've used some old pages of sheet music we had spare, but you could equally use a newspaper or magazine for a similar look.

As you follow each step, be sure to view the images below to help illustrate the process!

1. Fold a piece of paper (just wider than your thumb width) in a concertina until you have 6 pieces of paper in a pile.
2. Draw around the top section of your thumb, from the knuckle to the top with a pencil. Cut out this shape from the thickness of paper (6 pieces)
3. While still in the pile, cut a slit from the bottom flat edge in the centre to roughly the middle of the length.
4. Separate out the 6 pieces. Glue the bottom (roughly 1cm) of each, near the flat edge.
5. Take the right section and overlap the left, the more you overlap, the more your flower will stick up, the less, the flatter it will lay.
6. Repeat with all 6 sections, then use the remaining glue already on the pieces to arrange them in a circle/ flower shape. Set aside to dry.
7. Cut out a leaf shape to sit underneath the flower, use the same, or a contrasting paper. A flat base to the leaf shape helps you stick it to the rest of the flower. Glue the end and press the flower on to it. If you want the leaf to stick up, you can use the same method as the flower petals before glueing on.
8. Add a button in the centre to hide the paper folds, use a stronger glue, double sided tape or something similar, or sew the button on and make a feature of the stitches by using a contrasting thread.

And you've finished! We said it was nice and simple.

There are many ways you could adapt or vary your paper flower outcomes. Including trying pointy petal shapes, sew details into the centre instead of a button, vary the size of petal, layer up the petals, use different amounts of petals, and so on.
You are welcome to be as creative as you want!