Meet Anna - Newest Member of the Team

We’re excited to keep on expanding and spreading the crafty vibes around the UK. Lately, we have been inundated with enquiries and bookings from all you lovely hens out there and to keep up with demand we have had to increase our Crafty Hen Team.

The latest addition to the team working from Crafty HQ, is Anna. She has joined the packing team and is one of the lovely people who picks out and packs up the wonderful materials and fabulous trims that get sent out to each crafty hen workshop we hold in the UK.

With many of the workshops we offer, we allow our groups to request certain materials, colours, or trims to complement a particular colour scheme or party theme. So she has a tough job making sure she selects the perfect colour palate and most appropriate trims so that we don’t disappoint our crafty hens out there.

We took 5 minutes with Anna to ask her a few questions about her new role with The Crafty Hen.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I studied fashion and textiles in Bath Uni, focusing upon print mainly. This led me to specialise in designing and producing bespoke high quality wallpaper since graduating.

Do you enjoy getting crafty in your own time?
I do like crafting. I like to make things for myself to wear and to decorate my home. Recently I made over 75 meters of tropical themed bunting for a festival which was a big task! Next week I head off to Glastonbury to help design and create the amazing sets, scenes and bars around the site. After festival season is over, I often create lazer cut ornaments and Christmas tree decorations to sell at Christmas fairs.

What inspires you when designing wallpaper for clients?
Nature inspires me a lot. My upbringing in Norfolk has given me a love of nature, vibrant floral colours and big sprawling spaces. Most of my designs use bold colours, dramatic shapes and large scale patterns. I hope one day to have my very own screen printing studio where I work on and create my wallpaper designs myself using traditional processes.

What do you enjoy about working with The Crafty Hen so far?
Getting to play with pretty ribbons and buttons all day long! It is a very friendly place to work, always lots to do to keep everyone busy.

What is your favourite workshop to pack up?
It has to be Nipple Tassels. Mainly because it makes me laugh! I know that the group of hens will have lots of fun with all the materials at that session.

If you were to plan your own crafty party, which workshop would you choose?
Nipple Tassels! None of my friends would ever think to make them, so I know it would be a lot of fun. Plus, my friends are not very crafty, so it would be good to see them making something too.

So that is Anna. And if you have a Crafty Hen activity booked with us in the coming weeks, she may very well be the one to pack up your special bounty of materials for the workshop!