Meet our Crafty Workshop Leader Sarah

At The Crafty Hen we have have a wide network of workshop leaders who we use to host your crafty parties all over the UK. Sarah has been a member of The Crafty Hen team for a year and leads hen party, birthday classes and baby shower workshops across the South West and South Wales area.

Sarah has a very crafty background and designs costumes for theatre and TV productions. So when we first met her, we knew we needed to have her as part of our team! We asked Sarah a few questions about her work for The Crafty Hen and her favourite crafty party activities .

What do you enjoy the most about working for The Crafty Hen?
Best thing about working for crafty hen is that it doesn't feel like work! Also, it is great to see the people who come into the session at the start saying they can't sew and can't do it, go away at the end of the Hen Party with a lovely crafty outcome that they are really pleased with. Proving them wrong!

What's your favourite workshop to teach?
Garter making. Because it is a really fun session and the Hens go away with something they can wear and show off.

If you were to have a crafty hen party yourself, which workshop would you choose?
Probably Bunting. It would be nice to make something with all the Hens which you can hang up at the wedding for everyone to see and for all to enjoy.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking about having a crafty workshop?
It is a really great activity for group bonding. Often at hen parties and baby showers some of those in the group don't know each other and it is a good way to get to know everyone. You can all easily chat together whilst getting crafty around the table. Everyone leaves a Crafty Hen party with a real sense of self-achievement, having created something really impressive that they never though they would have been able to do when they first arrived at the workshop.

So if you are planning to book a Crafty Hen workshop for your upcoming party in the South West/South Wales area, Sarah could very well be your workshop leader. And you will be in very safe hands to help guide you through your crafty activity and create something amazing to take away with you!