The Popularity of Patchwork Quilts

We've been running our quilt making workshop for quite a while as part of our bespoke range of sessions. But in the last few months we have seen such a huge surge in requests for this crafty activity that we have now officially added it as its own workshop listing! We're excited to launch this session in its own right and also include the option to make patchwork cushions too.

By making a special quilt for the Bride-To-Be, the group are creating a beautiful momento and keepsake to be treasured forever. Everyone in the group gets to work on their own patchwork squares which will be included in the completed quilt or cushion. Our workshop leader will illustrate appliqué techniques, sewing skills, and other decorative flourishes for you to add your own creative touches to your squares.

In the run up to the workshop we love to finding out about the Bride-To-Be and can supply fabrics, trims and templates to complement her favourite colours, her interests or even her hobbies. Decorate the squares to commemorate shared memories with the Bride-To-Be and make the finished article all that more special and unique.

This crafty session is also a wonderful to run as a fun Baby Shower activity! Theme the squares around the new mum and baby or co-ordinate the colours to match the colour scheme of the baby's room. The perfect cosy addition to the baby's new bedroom!

We can also supply a wonderful range of vintage buttons, fabrics and lace to be used in this session. Work together to make a beautiful vintage quilt that can be treasured forever.

We've been very impressed with some of the patchwork designs created at recent quilt making workshops! We've seen wedding cars, hockey sticks and even a kebab! See some of the creations below or get inspired with what you could create on our Pinterest boards.

If you want to know any more about this session, head over to the brand new workshop listing for the Patchwork Quilt and Cushion option or come say hello and discover more.