Scrapbooking is in Vogue

Scrapbooks are back in fashion! According to the Independent, retailers are reporting a huge rise in the sales of scrapbooks, stamps, decorative tape, stickers and other related accesses.

Many put this increasing trend down to the fact that crafting is currently very in vogue, something we at The Crafty Hen are all too aware of! We struggle to keep up with the demand for our crafty workshop parties at times and it is a wonderful feeling to think that we are helping to inspire people to go back to basics and enjoy simple and therapeutic hobbies and crafts.

Rather than leaving their digital photographs stored away on hard drives, people are returning to the simple thrill of scrapbooking, giving them a chance to really remember and treasure the most important memories, photos, concert tickets, receipts and all those momentos we like to hold onto.

The Independent also reports that contemporary scrapbooking has become much trendier and more stylish than in the past. At The Crafty Hen we always strive to source materials which are pretty, have a great design and work well together. We like a challenge and do our best to reflect the interests or hobbies of the Bride-To-Be, Mum-To-Be or the birthday girl by suppling materials, trims and papers that the group can use in their Memory Book workshop to add special touches to their scrapbook. So that the Memory Book ends up being a really personalised gift that can be treasured forever.

If you want to find out more about our Memory Book workshop, read more here. Or head to our digital scrapbook aka Pinterest to get inspired and get scrapbooking yourself!