Wedding Garter Secrets

Whilst our garter making workshops are a good giggle for all the hens as everyone gets to make their own garter, for the Bride it is a little more special as she is creating the garter she will be wearing on the big day. Now, everyone knows how important the wedding garter is for the bride to wear, but did you know that it actually has a long history, a chequered past and lots of tradition associated with it?

Read on to discover some of the history of the wedding garter and how it continues to be a key piece of the wedding day:

1. Traditionally, a garter is traditionally worn on the right leg, just above the knee. Some brides put on two garters; one is kept as a wedding memento, and the other one is thrown by the groom to the single men.

2. The garter is thought to represent the virginal girdle. When the groom removes the garter, he was in essence demonstrating publicly that the bride was relinquishing her virginal status to him. It was often the custom that the groom removed the garter using his teeth. But these days that is up to the bride if they want to continue that tradition!

3. As early as the 13th century it was considered good luck to have a piece of the bride's clothing. So wedding guests would chase after the bride and literally rip pieces of fabric from her dress whilst also trying to steal her garter. Greed took over the tradition and it was common for guests to stampede toward the bride, throwing the garter to the mob saved the bride from being trampled!

4. The tradition of throwing the bouquet is very much in the same vein as the lesser know tradition of the groom throwing the garter into the crowd of male guests. The male guest who received the garter would then proudly wear it on his hat until he gave it to a woman for luck, and is said to be the next man to get married.

5. In the past, the bride’s garter would have ribbon streamers on it. Dividing the brides wedding garter by cutting the ribbons into small pieces and passing them out to the guests is thought to be where the whole tradition of "wedding favours" originated.

6. The colour blue is said to represent fidelity, love, purity and good fortune which is why it is a traditional colour for the garter and also why we always make sure to pack in lots of wonderful blue materials and trims at our garter making hen parties to ensure the bride can add a little 'something blue' to her wedding day.

Still deciding on the type of garter you want to wear to your wedding? Check out some of the wonderful examples of DIY garters made at our crafty hen parties and get some ideas.

Or if you think that a garter making session is just the kind of special and memorable activity you would like to do at your hen do, come say hello. and get your hen party plans underway.