Where can we have our session?

Anywhere really, we just need enough space for everyone to sit down and a place for our materials.

  • Cheapest is to hold the session at someones house or holiday accommodation as obviously there is no charge then. This has the added benefits of you being able to provide your own drinks, snacks and music to accompany your session if you wish.
  • Sometime we can secure a space in a pub or bar, which can often be free, or very low cost, providing you buy drinks from them. This will depend where you want the event and how far you are willing to travel. Sometimes if you want the session locally to you, you may have some suggestions and we will happily contact them.
  • Finally we can hire a small space at a community or arts centre which would involve a hire charge, which can vary massively from £10 per hour to £50, but then you don't have the commitment to buy food/ drinks and can often bring your own tea party picnic if you like.