About Me
I love teaching those who come to the workshop saying they can’t sew, aren’t artistic, and have no creativity, as they are generally the ones who come out with the best things by the end of it! I also love the fact you can make something that looks really impressive in such a short space of time and without having any sewing skills at all!
My favourite things

I LOVE fabric and am a bit of a magpie for it.

My area of expertise
Textiles - I design and make children’s clothes, handbags and accessories.
My favorite session
Fascinator Making
Area Covered
South Central, Berkshire, North Hampshire, North West Surrey, Reading, Windsor, Guildford, Newbury, Basingstoke
You said...
“There was a good range of resources to use and it was really useful to have some examples to inspire us. Amy was very helpful and supportive at the same time allowing us to have freedom of ideas.” - Karen, Knicker Customisation, October 2014